How to Restore Your Laptop to Its Original Factory Settings

02 Aug

When faced with laptop part malfunctions or severe virus attacks, many users will inevitably arrive at the last-resort option of restoring their machine to its default factory settings. Unlike desktops, though, most laptops nowadays aren’t sold with recovery discs (more often than not, their operating systems come pre-installed), making operating system resets a bit different than usual. With laptops, a preset recovery partition file needs to be activated, the steps of which I will give below.

A caveat before I proceed: Since you will be resetting your laptop to its original factory state, make sure that all your important files are backed up beforehand. Also, to ensure a higher chance of uninterrupted power, make sure that your laptop is plugged into a wall socket via AC adapter lest your laptop battery unexpectedly run low and/or malfunction.

I will be detailing the recovery processes for an HP laptop, though a lot of these steps are more or less the same for most laptops. Barring the occasional menu and function naming differences, these steps should be helpful, whatever make of portable computer you may have.

No HP laptop parts will be drastically altered or compromised function-wise. This is basically just a system-wide hard reset, restoring every laptop component to how they were upon initial factory floor rollout.

With that out of the way, let us begin.

How to Activate Recovery Manager on HP Laptops

1. Right after turning on your laptop, press the F8 key when the computer company logo (HP, in this case) appears. This will bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu, which gives you alternative booting options as well as other functions.

2. From the available options, choose “Repair Your Computer” and press Enter. This option should be the very first one.

3. You will be taken to a window labeled System Recovery Options. Put in the appropriate responses for the Language and Keyboard Layout fields (by default, “English (United States)” and “US,” respectively) then press the Next button.

4. This will take you to another System Recovery Options window, this one with fields asking for your username and password. Fill in each field (needless to say, it must be login details with administrative rights) and then proceed by clicking on the OK button.

5. You will then encounter yet another System Recovery Options box, but this one gives you various action options instead. Click on the one labeled HP Recovery Manager.

6. You will end up on the HP Recovery manager window. There are many options available here, including a system checkup, a files backup function, and of course a system recovery one. Click on the System Recovery option.

7. And this is where the actual recovery process starts. Simply follow the onscreen instructions in case you are prompted to. Don’t worry; everything from here on in should be pretty straightforward.

And there you have it: Steps on how to restore your laptop to its original factory settings. Again, while the steps given above were done with an HP laptop, the general procedure should work for all laptop makes.

Happy tinkering!

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